Beta version

Current state of the Logium platform

Logium is a complex product. A team of leading developers within the fields of security, software architecture, and blockchain spent months working on it. The current version of the platform is the result of their work.

The current version of the Logium exchange is in beta. It can be found at

Despite many technological solutions we have implemented, we are still in the throes of product development. We are focusing on accessibility, interoperability with other layers, blockchains, advanced solutions for developers, professional traders, bet issuers, and UX/UI.

The version available now is in beta, which is intended to accelerate the development of the platform.

To build on the real needs of users, we welcome feedback and suggestions about the product. You can submit them via our Discord channel or a form. Users involved in product development will be rewarded in the future.

While the product has passed its first audits, users should be aware of the risks in the DeFi sector. We are not responsible for any critical errors that, in the worst-case scenario, may cause users to lose their funds. Our mission is to become a leading decentralized platform focusing on security and user satisfaction, but this will take time, trust, and support from Logium evangelists.

The Logium product is currently in beta. Use with caution. Remember that trading cryptocurrency and using DeFi products may result in the loss of all funds.

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