Active Bets

The Active Bets view shows bets that are active and waiting for resolution. In this tab, the user is able to see which bets they are currently participating in, and the status of those bets. The table can be seen on both the Trade and Portfolio tabs.

TYPE- The green arrow indicates the Up bets, while the red represents the Down bets. Issued bets are those you created yourself, and taken bets are the ones that you picked from the market.

TOKEN- This token’s price will decide the outcome of the bet. BET SIZE- The amount of money you are risking in this bet.

MULTIPLIER- Also known as leverage. The multiplier shows how much you can win relative to your deposit (bet size). The higher the multiplier, the more you can win, and the riskier the bet.

STRIKE PRICE- The token's price (expressed in USDC) indicates who wins the bet. For Up bets, the final price must be higher than the Strike price to win the bet. For Down bets, the final price must be below the Strike price to win the bet.

CURRENT PRICE- The latest price of the token in USDC. ENDS IN- The amount of time left to settle the bet and decide who wins.

P&L- Profit and loss. How much you would profit or lose if the bet were resolved right now.

You can see a detailed description of every column by going to and hovering over the info icon next to the column's name.

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