How to take a bet

To take a bet, you only need to have enough USDC in your wallet. You do not need to deposit any collateral into the smart contract. You can take any bet present in the Available Bets panel.

Once you take a bet, the Logium smart contract will transfer a USDC amount from your wallet into a new smart contract that represents your bet. At the end of the bet period, if the bet is resolved in your favor, both your deposit and winnings will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

Remember, you cannot cancel a taken bet.

Taking a bet

  1. Connect your wallet.

  2. Choose a token on the sidebar.

  3. If you have not done it before, enable USDC access by clicking an appropriate button.

  4. Choose a bet from the Available Bets panel.

  5. Choose a bet size in the take bet view.

  6. Press the Take bet button.

  7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  8. Success!

Please remember that in the Logium UI all bets are displayed from your perspective. When you take an “Up” bet, the issuer created a “Down” bet from their perspective.

If the transaction fails, double check that you have enough USDC to cover the bet and enough ETH for the gas fee in your wallet. Then try again.

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