Logium is a DeFi platform for betting against the future price of ERC20 tokens.

Welcome to Logium, the first decentralized (DEX) platform that allows you to bet on the price of any token available on Uniswap on the Ethereum network. By using Logium, you can long and short tokens with leverage.

All trades on Logium are peer-to-peer, fully transparent, and executed through our decentralized contract. As a result, Logium does not hold any funds of its users, removing the risk of a rogue broker.

On Logium, you trade directly from your decentralized wallet. This is a significant move toward the safety of your funds because when leveraging on other leading centralized exchanges, you do not have complete control over your assets. You also lack broad access to a wide range of new tokens.

Issuing or making a bet is free! Logium only takes a small commission when the bet is settled, and this is paid out of the winner's prize pool.

Move up a level and feel that it is your time in the market!

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