Specifically designed for the needs of day traders, aimed at profiting from high market volatility.

Logium v2 allows users to access new features on the platform. The main goal of Logium v2 is to enable users to make trades for short periods by executing them using blockchain technology. The settlement time for a bet starts at 15 seconds, allowing a high level of dynamism and the ability to benefit from market volatility.

  • No registration is required.

  • No crypto wallet connection is needed.

  • The design is intuitive and user-friendly.

Since the platform is currently a demo version, operations are only possible in virtual mode using a virtual balance. This means the user does not bear the financial risk of trading on the platform but should still be aware of other risks associated with digital currency trading and potential third-party fraud.

We aimed to make using the platform as simple as possible, and we have succeeded. You do not need to register, connect to cryptocurrency wallets, or perform complicated activities. All you need is an internet connection to begin your adventure with our platform.

Predict whether the price of your favorite token will rise or fall. Guess correctly to win!

Getting started is easy:

  • Enter the platform to set your assumptions for the asset and the direction you think it will go.

  • Select the timeframe and the value of your bet. Choose the direction by clicking on one of the two buttons and enter the game.

  • Wait for the settlement of the bet and enjoy your successful market strategy!

Just visit the platform and start trading with us!

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