Source of the price

Logium is a project based on the largest decentralized exchange- Uniswap. It allows users to trade on all pairs available on this platform. It has another advantage compared to centralized exchanges, where access to assets is limited to officially listed tokens. With Logium, users can trade all tokens from their first release day on Uniswap. Additionally, this access is bidirectional, allowing both long and short positions further enhanced by leverage.

Asset price on Logium is taken directly from Uniswap V3 pools. When a bet is exercised, the price from the end of the latest block is used.

Currently, we use the price from the end of the latest block, so the number of tokens you can bet on is technically limited only to assets that have a pool on Uniswap v3. This way, there is no risk of oracle manipulation or error. The only way to manipulate the price is to actually move the market, which is capital intensive.

We chose to only use Uniswap v3 because Logium would be vulnerable to a flash loan attack on previous versions of Uniswap. During the exercise window, a malicious bet taker could take out a flash loan at the beginning of a transaction, change the pool price in their favor, exercise the bet, change the pool price back, and return the loan. Uniswap v3 remembers the price from the end of the last block, and we use it to safeguard against this type of attack.

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