How it works

Introducing a peer-to-peer betting system

Our peer-to-peer betting system allows users to trade any assets available on Uniswap with leverage. With Logium, you can long (make an UP bet) and short (make a DOWN bet) with leverage for over 500 cryptocurrencies.

Logium is the first decentralized platform to allow longing and shorting any token available on Uniswap with leverage.

A "bet", professionally referred to as an "option" or "position", is a peer-to-peer agreement between two users about the future price of any ERC20 asset. In the system, users place bets against each other, where one user predicts the price to go up, while the other one predicts it to go down.

Only one user, who makes the correct price prediction, wins and earns 100% of the opponent's bet. Bets are settled after a fixed duration of time. It can be 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 7 days, or 1 month.

A user can either issue or take a bet. Once a bet is issued, it is listed on Logium and is waiting for a taker. Another user can then see it and decide to take it.

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